Agriculture Compost

Compost will improve soil quality by:

  • Increasing the Organic Matter content which increases nutrient availability to plants
  • Increasing the activity of soil microbes, and biological activity to create humus
  • Increasing both micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients not in synthetic fertilizer               
  • Changing soil structure to resist compaction and increase water retention

Texas Panhandle Organic Agriculture Compost is professionally made from Beef Cattle Feedlot manure in Amarillo.  The compost is hydrated and processed with inoculants that ensure a consistent finished compost product.  Nutrient test results are attached that reflect the high quality of our Compost.

For Ag Applications over 25 Tons, the price of the compost is:

  • $26.00 per ton FOB  Randall County Feedlot,  includes 25 miles of freight
  • Freight over 25 miles  at $2.00 per mile
  • $4.50 per ton applied using GPS Application Spreaders

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